Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Sick...

It's an awful feeling when you wake up and notice that little tickle in the back of your throat.  Not the funny ha ha tickle either....the, something is about to wreak havoc in my body tickle.   I really do dislike getting sick, being sick, or seeing my boys sick (of course not to mention cleaning up after the boys when they are sick) ....unfortunately, I am the first to start getting some nasty cold.  I felt it this morning when I woke up and it's been progressively getting worse.  We were supposed to go to parade of lights today and sadly, we will just have to wait another year (not to mention the high tonight was like 8 degrees or some craziness like that!  As soon as I'm up and running, I'd love to share a few pics of some of the fun and festive ideas we've been creating at our house lately.  Be well friends!

My Boy 12x12 page

As a parent, we all have that one photo that just makes your heart melt...this would be that photo for me!  I love this little guy.  Not sure where the time has gone!  I used my cricut to cut out the word "My" and used some chipboard letters for the word "Boy" that I purchased at Target of all places!  I found an old vintage heart button and some twine. Love, love, love the charming!

Brown Eyes 12x12 page

My "Brown Eyed" boys never had a chance of having green eyes like me.  They are gorgeous!  I chose to do a little play on the word "Brown" by using some leftover green letters.  I just love this pic of my boys.  i had a lot of fun combining a lot of different elements and a nice journaling tag in this brown paper envelope.  I accessorized by using buttons, a star punch, brads and a nice scalloped edge to the blue background.

K&Co Mini Book of Boys

I created this mini book some time last year (it's been a while) and it was a nice way to honor my family in a nice small format that I could tuck away in my purse (my husband doesn't mind taking this with him too)!  I absolutely love the papers, stickers and other embellishments from K&CO...they are perfect!  It's such a fun, eclectic use of patterns and color and it seemed to pair beautifully with the photos I chose!   After I took these photos, I decided I didn't like the way you really had to hold the book open with both hands, so I made my book a little more durable and easy to view by binding it with a nice large white coil.  Wahlah!  That did the trick, now you can lay the book flat without holding it open!  I love crafting technology!  (smile).