Friday, December 4, 2009

K&Co Mini Book of Boys

I created this mini book some time last year (it's been a while) and it was a nice way to honor my family in a nice small format that I could tuck away in my purse (my husband doesn't mind taking this with him too)!  I absolutely love the papers, stickers and other embellishments from K&CO...they are perfect!  It's such a fun, eclectic use of patterns and color and it seemed to pair beautifully with the photos I chose!   After I took these photos, I decided I didn't like the way you really had to hold the book open with both hands, so I made my book a little more durable and easy to view by binding it with a nice large white coil.  Wahlah!  That did the trick, now you can lay the book flat without holding it open!  I love crafting technology!  (smile).    

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