Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The NAKED swap

Ok, this is definitely a first for me, but with a swap titled "The Naked Swap" my curiosity forced me to read the details which read:

"Naked mail means you send something without it being in a box, envelope or mailing bag. The USPS will aim to get it to you if you have an address label. In the past, I've received a teapot (that I still use!), a package of decorative brads and a three-gallon bucket (yes, a bucket!) through naked mail swaps. And I've sent everything from a Frisbee and flip-flops to a dustpan. The counter clerks at my post office always get a kick out of what goes out and what comes back. So look at your partner's profile to see what may be of interest to your partner. Then select and mail a naked item. This is an item, not a naked postcard."

Isn't this the funniest thing you've ever heard?  I decided to sign up and got my swap partner who sounds like a really fun gal.  She used to live in Hawaii, is pursuing her career as a pilot, and misses the beach terribly.  I've decided to send what I like to refer to as "Hawaii in a box".  I was cracking up with these glasses, don't you just love the flair!  I would've sent her a cocktail if I could, but I'm sure USPS would not have thought that was cool.  Anyhow, here are the photos of the items (cocktail umbrellas, airplaine, beach ball, sea shells, sunglasses with flair, lei and a card) was shipped out yesterday as is.  I hope it arrives safely!  (PS I need to have my eyes checked, read the words on the inside of the box...seriously I'm an idiot and goofed on my sticker arrangement for the words "flip flops" so it reads flops! flip) Duh!   

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