Friday, February 26, 2010

Vote for Blaze TODAY!

We've decided to enter Blaze in the Bissell Pet Photo Contest. Be a fan and vote for Blaze too! 

MVP Pet Photo Contest sponsored by BISSELL, maker of pet vacuum cleaners.

We adopted our four legged family member from the shelter January 2009.  He has been a blessing to our family, we always wonder why he ended up there- our good fortune I suppose.  Blaze is so happy no matter what we do, as long as he is with us.  Blaze loves to hang with me (he especially loves to nap under my desk in my craft room.)  He's a toy freak...loves to play frisbee, catch the ball or with his new alligator squeaky toy!  When we first brought Blaze home, we initially thought he was a black lab maybe mixed border collie, we just couldn't put our finger on it though...and then we had the genetic test the results were shocking:  25% Lab, 25% Boxer, 12.5% Dalmation, 12.5% Akita and 25% unknown.  He's quite the funny guy, looks like a lab, always doing funny things with his feet (boxer), energy like you would not believe (dalmation) and guards the house (akita).   He's a pretty cool dude...thanks for voting for Blaze!

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