Friday, February 19, 2010

What's in a name?

As I was doodling some ideas today, I thought I would share a little note as to where the name "TheDoodleSpot" originated.
To me, a name is very important, we tend to put a lot of thought into a name.  I remember in my Jr High Spanish class we each got to give ourselves a Spanish name.  My friend Rich chose "Picante".  Hilarious, to this day, his name is the only one I can remember!  I also remember the task of naming our children.  Thinking of names that we liked, names that possessed good meaning, that couldn't be shortened (unless we wanted them to be) that other kids wouldn't make fun of  and names that didn't have initials that created words like "RAT".  Yes, we thought of it all!
So with all of this in mind, creating the name for my blog was an important, thought provoking, personal mission.  I looked up other names; quite a few to be honest that I thought were sooo creative only to find them taken.  As I was doodling (something I do regularly) it came to me - TheDoodleSpot.  It was a name without boundaries, and one that reflected who I am, one that I am proud to say is my own.  I loved integrating the words "doodle" and "spot: since doodling is what I love to do and the spot is where you can go to find it!  And that's the story of how TheDoodleSpot came to be *grin*

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