Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentines Day Accordian Album

Oh Valentines Day, time to remember those we love.  I don't know if we really should have a special day...I mean honestly, shouldn't every day be special?  Well, this time of year brings back happy memories and a little tradition my husband and I started when we first met.  For Valentines Day, we didn't buy any cards, or gifts, and we didn't go out to eat.  Instead, we had our very own homemade tradition right at home.  This has been so much fun over the years!  We always make dinner together, we make our own cards and some years our own gifts.  Ok, maybe a little unfair for my husband, but really it's been a great time to reconnect and put our hearts in the right place.   This year, we're going to have the boys help us decide what's for dinner and have them help us make it.  They love to cook so this will be easy.  Speaking of cooking...I promise to post the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I've found.  It's so yummy!

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